MY    JOURNEY    FROM       140   KG    TO    90  KG

Yes, smart work makes everything possible

If we would have ever met before 2014, you would easily find me eating all the junk crap at one of the street food corners in my city. Those days I believed that we live to eat and it is better to have a short unhealthy life filled with tasty crap rather than a long healthy one.

But then something changed me>

How I got Inspired to loose 100 Pounds

It all started in the year 2016, with me getting an internship opportunity to work with  Mr. Vijai, Founder of                             , U.S.A.  If you want to read more as to how I got a paid internship in the U.S.A,            . So coming back to Mr. Vijai, he is an extremely smart and hardworking adult and by looking at him you could never guess that he was 79-year-old then. Despite that old age he went swimming or lawn tennis regularly and traveled 1-2 countries every year with his wife Mrs. Jyoti. Working with him daily I use to compare my grandparents, how were 10 years younger to him but could barely walk on their own and were completely dependent on us.

Jyoti natural foods production facility, Sharon hill, Philadelphia on a snowy winter morning 

As I started knowing him closely, I started choosing the life I wanted in my 80's, a healthy fit body that could eat, drink, party, and travel anywhere in the world. And I could never forget the day when I hit rock bottom. Mr. Vijai took me swimming with him at one of the Olympics size swimming pools near Sharon hill. Just after 2 full laps and I got tired and went out of my breath. But he despite his age was swimming seamlessly to and from making me feel older than him.

Mr. Vijai Gupta (Left) and Mrs. Jyoti Gupta (Right). This one of my favorite memories with them where they took me out on dinner at one of the famous Mughlai restaurants in Sharon Hill

Since that day I promised myself that I won't put any junk crap into my body. To date I won't say that I have a perfect body, I am still working on it, trying different diets and health routine to suit my body. But I thing which still remains with me is the idea of having a fit health 80's. The 80's when I am energetic enough to trek, dance, and travel the world as I am doing today.

A great body is not the one that only looks great but the one that eats great. You should also read about how to develop healthy eating habits and different diets that suit us if you are not aware of them. 

In this fast-moving world, we are investing everywhere- luxury car, fancy home, exotic vacation, high return business, and what not but we forget to invest in the most important asset which is our body