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Who am I?

I, Kunal Bhatia is a Food Technologist by education and entrepreneur at heart who wants to make a difference in the life of others.

I am passionate about food, exploring healthy ways of living, and implying them in my journey to have a better life. And what can be a better way to learn than traveling and exploring real-life stories around the globe? 

I have been traveling since I was 18 with whatever time and money I had. I am still not a full-time traveler but my job involves working and staying in different cities. I have been acrosses 63 cities in 4 countries having the best learning of my life.

I work around the health-food space as a freelancer spreading awareness to help people to have a better lifestyle.

Why I am doing what I am doing?

I am an explorer more than a traveler. I am on a journey of new experiences and adventures. I just love to do things that others aren't doing. This gives meaning to my life. I travel to get inspired by people out there who are making a difference in their life and society. So what I write or blog isn't specific to just a location, it is about life experiences and perceptions I have been gaining from different people at different places around the globe. 

What next in 2021?