The awesome thing to do at Narkanda | Ice Skiing | Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda Diaries :The beginning 

The trip to Narkanada never in my places to visit list . It was a spontaneous plan when I meet an old friend of mine , Dayakar who introduced me to the world of ice skiing .Earlier I never had a clue that training for winter sports like ice skiing are being provided anywhere in our otherwise Cricket crazy country.He asked me to enroll for the Ice skiing training bootcamp on the National Adventure Club or NAC website.

The National adventure club or NAC in short is an all India Organization who organise various schemes as a part for National programme for Youth and Adolescents Development of under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Every year this organisation organises various adventure activities throughout India ,where the youths are encouraged for undertaking adventure activities .Like Ice skiing camps there are many more adventure activities being organized by NAC like – Mountain climbing, river rafting , Para gliding to name a few . NAC is based out from Chandigarh .For more information you could visit NAC’s official website here

In the next few days ,we sorted out our train tickets and return flight tickets .Along with us we had four more awesome people joining in , all from my same work organisation .

We reached Chandigarh city and the first thing we had to do was reporting at the Labour office(designated place for the NAC) for the Narkanda Snow skiing camp . The official registration for each participants were verified. Like us there were around 300 people from various states of India who had come up to join the annual tarining camps . After identity and document verification we were taken to the Sports hostel where bedding and accommodation were allocated.

Next day, after breakfast everyone left as per their choice of activity package . Some went to Shimla , some to Dakh Pathar and some to Narkanda . We reached Narkanda at around 6.30pm and it was snowing outside, then . Wow!! what a welcome to the beautiful town of Narkanda ! Upon reaching the senior in charge for the camp directed us toward, Atal Bihari Vajyayee Insitute of Mountaineering and Allied sports HQ .There was a quick round of introduction with the snow skiing camp’s in-charge and the trainers .After the formal introductions session was over we were then served our dinners and were allocated bunkers for our stay at Narkanda.


IMG_1878 (Copy)

Amazing vistas

WP_20140208_011 (Copy)

Our Hostels , narkanda

WP_20140208_010 (Copy)

Heavy snow filled up everywhere

WP_20140208_008 (Copy)

Quite a sight

WP_20140208_006 (Copy)

Our first day of our training started early and we all huddled at the HQ . Each one were then allocated with Ski plates , Ski boots and poles . We then had a group session of basic exercises with our respective trainers and then loading up all our equipment we walked to the ski grounds .

WP_20140205_001 (Copy)

Snow laden houses

WP_20140208_055 (Copy)

WP_20140208_054 (Copy)

On the way to skiing ground

In the next few hours  our trainer explained us on the basic of skiing like how to hold the ski poles,how to wear the ski boots on the ski plates and how to take care of your equipment . Then there was demonstration on how to stand and ski .

WP_20140205_034 (Copy)

The next few hours we were then asked to implement the taught theories . It was then the real fun began.  Earlier it seemed skiing to be an easy sport but we were proved wrong the very moment you are left to ski . I forgot the count on how many times i might have skidded on the snow .It was  very easy to slip off the icy ground but to get up on your feets seemed otherwise to be an herculean task .It took me some 1 hours or so to properly stand on my two feets wearing the 6 feets long ski plate . It was a hilarious sight to see other’s share of failed attempts to just start skiing . It was fun learning how to ski. Felt like i was kid again ,who is learning how to walk .


WP_20140205_053 (Copy)

All ready

WP_20140205_036 (Copy)

The first fall 😉

Next day was a repeat training session for us and were demonstrated how to balance ourselves and for some who could try climbing up a slope  .I was somehow managing myself to balance myself  without slipping off . Quite an improvement though .We were rigorously trained for continuous 3-4 hours each day .

On our third day of our training we were demonstrated and taught some advance Skiing techniques and likewise in the fourth day we were trained on how to execute a ski jump . Quite interesting !!


WP_20140205_038 (Copy)

Quite an improvement

In the last day of our training day we were individually called up for a demonstration before our head trainer ,who judged us on our learning and acquired skiing techniques in all these four days of training . He gave us some rating based on our balance with the equipment and on our skill to ski .It got over before 12pm .


WP_20140208_094 (Copy)

Our Sub-group photo

It was on this last day a small trek was organised from our camp mates . A total of around 8km trek to reach the highest ground of Narkanda was organised with all logistics . We enjoyed it thoroughly and the experience on trekking under heavy snowfall was an awesome experience .After the trek we returned to our Hostel at around 6pm .Training day were over now and we celebrated the rest of the day with our camp mates .


IMG_1926 (Copy)

Start of the Trek

IMG_1921 (Copy)

City under Ice blanket

IMG_1925 (Copy)


WP_20140207_005 (Copy)

Snowy way

WP_20140207_007 (Copy)


WP_20140208_001 (Copy)

Scenic beauty

IMG_1922 (Copy)


IMG_1958 (Copy)

Snow laden pine forest

IMG_1959 (Copy)   IMG_1961 (Copy)

Super landscape view

We bid a buy to everyone the next day in our last day of stay at the hostels . In this small 5 days we made many new friends , exchanged contact numbers and promised to stay in contact . Like everyone I left  nakanda with an heavy heart but with loads of sweet experiences . Hope i get another chance some day in future to try my hand on ice Skiing .

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