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Andharban Trek or Dark Forest Trek ,July 2017.

Trekking season is on and if you are planning for some great trekking destinations, around Mumbai and Pune go for Andharban Trek. Andharban or Dark Forest trek as it is being called upon is among the most sought after trekking route of Maharastra. Due to its relatively flat terrain and easy descend it makes an ideal choice for casual trekkers as well . Each year during monsoon season (which happens to be the best time to do Andharban trek), it sees at least 50 to 100 trekkers during the weekends.



It is rated as of moderate difficulty, only because of its relatively long route which roughly takes someone with good fitness to cover in 5hours.

Vehicle Drop point (Andharban Trail Start point  – Pimpri Dam) and pickup point (End Point-Bhira Dam)



The start point of this trek is at Pimpri Dam, Tamhini ghat.Reaching there is pretty much easy.Right after crossing the Tamhini ghat, one has to take a right turn from the Niva village bus stop .Then , drop off at the parking area of the Pimri Dam and trail the well defined straight path to the left of the dam.Before leaving , just ask your vehicle driver to head 37km ahead towards Bhira dam, Patnus village (which is the end point of the trek) and wait there at the finishing point.Local trek guides can also be hired ,at the start point for as low as Rs 500 per team .

A recent update – some locals have started collecting(read illegally) Rs 50 per person as an entry fee to the Trial.


Jungle Trek begins

It started to Rain


The coloured ribbons have been placed throughout the path for caution and guidance of trekkers.Once inside the thick canopy of the forest, you will get amazed to hear the forest singing with the sounds of insects and birds.The breathtaking views of the valley with innumerable waterfalls will simply blow your mind. Many may find it irresistible to venture into the waters under the many waterfalls and soak themselves to the skin.

Half way up comes the midpoint of the trek called Hirdi Village.There’s a vast open space where you can have your lunch. Moving ahead you may find steep descent after a while. which you have to trudge very cautiously along the slippery path. Otherwise its a pretty much easy descend. After an hour of intense descend you will come across another small village where you can a place to rest and find some supplies of bottled water or food to eat.



The Trail down after the flatland

The trek concludes after another 2 hours of simple descend from the village at yet another dam called the Bhira dam.This dam is built on the Kundalika river ,which is a famous destination for White Water Rafting .


Some Facts

Time to Complete :  6+ hours from Pimpri Dam to walk 13 km till end of the trek at Bhira dam.
Best Time to Trek :  July to December

How to reach to Andharban Trekking point

Drive down from Pune:
  • Pune > Piranghut > Mulshi > Tamhini ghat > Niva Village bus stop >Pimpri Dam

ST Bus Route : 

  • Lonavala to Bhaburde village by ST bus [around 40 kilometers]
  • Bhaburde to Pimpri village, walk or get lift [ 13.6 kilometers]

Suggestions :

  • The trekking trail is 13 km long , hence start early so that you can exit the trail before its too dark.
  • It’s recommended to have an experienced guide with you .
  • Proper trekking gears during monsoon season .



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    Superb Excellent…………….Its seems to be real Adventure and FUN with your group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin July 13, 2017 at 5:22 am

      Thanks Shweta 😀 wish you could have joined us .


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