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Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort is yet another beautiful hill fort in Maharastra ,known for its exciting trekking trail .This Fort is near Visapur village which is quite accessible from both Pune and Mumbai via Pune – Mumbai old Highway .Come monsoons i.e during the months of June to August the trekking trail and views surrounding the Fort ,turns superbly beautiful .

While on the old Pune-Mumbai Highway a left turn on the Ekavira Devi road ,then crossing over the Malavli Railway station it’s base village of Patan can be reached .After parking your vehicle take the trail north which starts from behind Viraj farmhouse .The trail starts with a majestic views of numerous waterfalls from the surrounding mountains.Further up the trails leads to a Y shaped junction . You have to find the signboard and stay on the left trail where a board says Way to Visapur Fort .It is from here the actual trek to the fort begins. For the help of trekkers ,the whole trail is quite well marked with easily identified tags .


The muddy trail begins

The Jungle trails begins from this point

Traversing through the forest the trail comes to a relatively flat piece of land .A trail from here ,leads directly on to the path of a flowing waterfall .It is from here, that the trekkers needs to navigate up through the waterfall .Walking up directly on this brimming waterfalls is quite an adrenaline rush but one need to take due caution.

The Trail -looking back

The whole waterfall trail opens up to a vast flatland which marks the beginning of the fort area. The Fort boundary wall is what is now ,the only structure left. It was in the year of 1818 AD ,due to Visapur Fort’s strategic importance,it was captured by the British forces. This win gave them a secure launchpad to bombard the nearby twin fort of Lohagad – known as the Iron fort for Marathas .While bombarding the nearby Lohagad fort with artillery  ,Britishers blew up Visapur’s both the north (Konkan) and the south (Deccan) gateways.Leaving behind few huts, nothing was left standing inside the fort.This explains why except fort’s boundary wall nothing else can be seen at the top .The fort walls varies from 3 feet thick fortification and is backed by many masonry platforms .The slopes around the hill are easy to a mere parapet of dry stone ,where the plateau ends in a precipice.

Waterfall from the fort wall

One of the many water cistern inside the fort area


A temple of Lord Hanuman and few water storage cisterns can also be found up there. Apart from this nothing much can be found of interest in the vast open grassy fields inside the fort . But ,you will surely get ample opportunity to watch the mystique clouds rolling by ,playing hide and seek on the nearby mountains beyond .I am sure this will be among the best experience in this whole trek .

The Vast open field inside the fort area


Misty view

Human Traffic jam :p

It’s Selfie time



How to Reach Visapur Fort

There are two paths:-

1) The fastest and the easier route ,starts from the base village of Visapur .There is a motorable road that leads to a huge parking space where you can park your vehicle and start the trek.From there it takes around 1 hours of easy trekking through the waterfall trail ,to reach Visapur Fort.

2) The second route is known to be a bit longer route .One has to reach the base village of Patan . And from there its a takes two hours of moderate trekking to reach the fort .Though its a bit longer route but nevertheless no less a thrilling route ,than the previous.

For people coming by local trains from either Pune or Mumbai ,the nearest railway station is Malavli railway station. Alight and trek for 3-4 kms to reach the respective base villages of your choice. Shared autos can be hired to reach the base villages.

Few Tips

1) Carry ample amount of water at least 2 l of water per person.
2) Carry some snacks or dry fruits to eat the top.
3) A good trekking shoes with good grip is highly recommended.
4) If time permits do visit the famous Bhaja caves while returning . Quite an amazzing buddhist architecture .


Vlog on the Full trek :-


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