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There’s a village called Kolad some 150km from Pune which is arguably known as the adventure capital of state of Maharastra among the adventure seekers. Kolad claims to provide the best of the facilities for activities ranging from river rafting ,camping to jungle trekking .It was too much of an excitation which we four friends found to be, simply irresistible.Taking its vicinity to Pune we decided on to head to Kolad for this adrenaline pumping .

A biking trip to Kolad was planned the following weekend .Those were the days when monsoon season was at its peak .And to do such activity or rather say to experience something namely River rafting during the peak monsoon season was simply a crazy idea.

We left our residence early morning when it was still raining .Drove our bikes through the picturesque curvy hilly roads of Tamhini ghats .The hills around the ghats were overflowing with innumerable small and big waterfalls ,creating a veil of mists. The cool breeze on the ghats was full of freshness and it was fun riding during rain.


Roads on the Tamhini Ghats

Misty morning


A waterfall enroute

Some crazy poses for the camera.

After driving some 100+ kms we reached Mangaon village .The village seemed to us to have just woke up to a blissful morning .Even the hanging mist was too good a scene to be missed from the driver seat . Apart from long distance transport vehicles and few cattles standing lazily across the roads ,we meet with little population. We took a halt at a road side tea shop where we joined few others to huddle around a small bon fire .Warming up our already cold hands and chatting ,we sipped one of the best freshly brewed tea ,till date. After the rejuvenation we took a left turn on the Mumbai Goa Highway to continue further towards Kolad .Our roaring bikes were the only mechanical machines piercing the pristine silence of the village backdrop.

Driving further for some 30 more kms we reached our destination , the office of adventure Kolad .After settling up, and having a delicious breakfast ,we took no time to change into our water costumes . Loaded  up on to a half truck with a raft ,we along with our crew headed straight to the rafting starting point which was some 5 kms away from the office.

Upon reaching the starting point ,the raft was unloaded on the river . All buckled up on to the raft we were then given a quick know how by our leader ,on the working of the raft .Further more some basic tutorial on paddling techniques and safety measures to be followed were also explained to us .Our adventure began with a great push by our raft leader and we all boarded the raft meddling on the fast flowing river current .

The river rafting difficulty level is graded as 3.5 on scale of 5 ,in terms of the water speed and gradient slope of river bed .

For first 15-30 minutes we didn’t find any exciting thing . The river current was somewhat gentle .But then afterward we found a few exciting water gyre where the real fun began .Between the swirling water our raft sometime whirled to the left and on other time towards right . Lot of adrenaline rushed to our brains which swelled our excitement level .Halfway down ,in another twist of turn our raft got to a point where we were very much on verge of getting toppled up . That exciting moment was the one of the many high point throughout our 14 km rafting experience .

Like us there were many other teams from various other parts of Maharastra ,who have came to enjoy this adventurous sports . It was quite a fun .Down after all the grade 3.5 turns and after many swift slopes we were still enjoying the sports even if it was just simple rowing the raft with our paddle.


My friend ,immersed with adrenaline

Swimming in the river basin

It’s photo time.

Nearing the end of our rafting the fierce flow of the river Kundalika ,simply gave way to calm river flow  . The river opened up to a huge basin .Our raft leader devised few acrobatic moves which he made us all to do one by one. We all did or say at least tried to do a full back flip ,barrel roll jump and diving in the water . It was simply a great fun in doing these crazy stuffs which we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Paddling our raft further downstream,we reached the rafting end point after another half hours.We disembarked from our raft and huddled it up on to our waiting pick up van.Soaked with full of wonderful memories of our river rafting adventure we loaded up on our van and reached the Adventure Kolad river rafting office ,from where we started our detour to Pune .

Full Video of our rafting activity


Best Time to do River rafting in Kolad :-

Kolad has a varied climate where spring (March to May) is hot and sultry, while the monsoon season (June to September) is accompanied by heavy rainfalls. Winters are during November and February and are generally characterized by medium level of humidity accompanied by cool weather.

The best time to visit Kolad for river rafting is from June to March.But since River Kundalika is mostly Dam water feed,It is advisable to reach the rafting start point by 8am .it is then around 8 am the dam’s gate opens and river water gushes downstream with a huge thrush.This released water is essential which makes this activity an all weather sports. If you reach late i.e after 9.30 am , with river current slowing down it is advisable not to go on for river rafting .Because all the fun factor will be lost .So plan your visit accordingly .

Apart from doing River rafting an vast array of other adventure activities are also available , like – speed boating, banana ride, river crossing etc . Now a days excellent camping options with Swiss tents are also available along the river bank ,where you and your team can plan out for a night camping .Do ring up the agency to know the respective reservations charges for your group reservations and fooding beforehand .I bet as Kolad ,you won’t get any better adventure alternative anywhere else in Maharashtra.

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