A Quick travel blog guide to Diksal-Bhigwan Bird watching trip

If you are a nature lover and wants to have a one day return trip to some places nearby pune city, then Bhigwan bird sanctuary will perfectly fit your bill. Bhigwan Bird sanctuary lies about 120 km from Pune on Pune-Solapur Highway .Once you hit the excellent 4 lane national highway roadways its takes near to 2 hours to reach Bhigwan town. Come winters(Dec-Mar), the backwaters of Ujani Dam near Bhigwan becomes the temporary home to several migratory and regional birds. It is during this season of the year, the wetlands around are thronged by thousands of colorful birds who come from distant lands.
Once you reach Bhigwan, take a left turn into the town  to reach the southernmost end of the town. You can then drive along the highway for the next 8 km beyond Bhigwan towards Solapur ,untill you reach a village named Dalaj no 2. Birds can be seen at the backwaters near Dalaj villages . There is also an another site called Dikshal for bird watching . And to reach this village, one has to start from Bhigwan,head towards  the southern end of town, driving along SH68, till reaching the spot .The migratory birds like Flamingos, Painted stork, Riverturn, Heron, grey Heron, ducks, sea gulls can be seen in plenty in both these points .
Grey Heron
Presently there has been some facilities/provisions coming up for the bird watching enthusiastic who wants to do an extended stay and enjoy the place a bit longer . There are two brothers namely Swapnil (+91 8308383050) and Sandeep (+91 9960610615) who run ‘Kranti Flamingo point India’ at both the two places namely Dikshal and Dalaj which caters to all lodging , fooding and transport requirements for the bird watchers and nature photographers alike .The capacity on both these camps are not much so to avoid disappointment it is advisable to enquire and book your stay before you reach there .
Open bill stork
Intermediate Egret
Grey Heron
Painted Stork
Red wattled lapwing
Brown-headed gull
Black headed Ibis
Small Pratincole
Ruddy Shelduck
A boat ride (costs Rs 700 per head) around the lake will introduce you to a delightful riot of fascinatingly coloured birds, that will make you fall in love with these lovely creations of nature. Being a newbee I had no idea of the names of the birds that I was viewing and each time I had to take help from my guide . There were not many boats with the photo enthusiast  on the lake ,so I had the priviledge to wander into any part of the lake and got lucky in some cases to come very close to the migratory birds. I was searching for the majestic 5feet tall greater Flamingos ,but could not find any . My boatman enquired about them with some local fishermans who told them they spotted few at far away part of the lake . Seems they have gone illusive . Anyways on a good note I was able to sight 40+ types of birds .My Boat ride was for a 2hours duration and I was satisfied with my clicked photographs and so does my ‘Bhigwan Bird watching’ trip ended.
Boatman, Rahul Dole you can contact him for reserving stay and boat ride (+91 8380879448)
Location          – Kumbhargaon near Bhigwan
Distance          – Pune to Bhigwan around 120 kms
Boating costs  – Rs 100 per person or Rs 700 per boat
How to reach  – Drive by private vehicle or reach Bhigwan bus stop by taking ST bus
Best Time to visit is  Dec to March which may vary year to year
Things to carry – DSLR Camera,Camera batteries ,Extra SD cards, Binocular, Drinking Water and Hat
Stay and food Available on order (Stay will cost around 700 Rs per family per room and Rs 500 for tent accommodations, food may cost @100 Rs per thali,as per eating habits ).

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