Bike Trip To Badami Cave Complex

It was a long weekend and we (I and one of my long time travel partner Asim) set out on a Bike trip .This time to the Heritage site of Badami from Pune via Gokak town . Pune ,which lies about 456km from Badami town and is very well connected via Pune -Bangalore highway.It was a 4 days Bike trip  .The road was like butter and my bike was constantly able to clock 110+ kmph .As pre-planned we took a night halt at Gokak town at a decent cheap hotel .Gokak town is a taluka headquarters in the Belagavi District of Karnataka and is famous for its waterfall located on the Ghataprabha River .Next day after our breakfast we headed to Gokak waterfall . It wan some  20 km ride from the Gokak main town.The waterfall was truly majestic even when its down to only 20%  as compared to during its peak monsoon days. Spent some good amount of time there .We then headed for the Badami town which was just 130kms from Gokak. Since Sun was setting down ,we booked a lodge and decided to visit the Badami caves the next day .

Being one of the major tourist place Badami is very well connected with most of the major cities of India both via air and by train .Nearest international airport being Bangalore (476km) and domestic airport Hubli (106km) away .The expanse of arterial National Highways roadways also provides an excuse to the bikers like me to undertake a quick getaway on a Bike Trip .Not much fooding option are available there at Badami town . The road side eateries and the restaurants also were not as good as we thought it should be  taking it being a tourist place .Bit disappointed.

The gates of the Badami Cave complex opens at 8am we entered the cave complex .Wow !!! was the the first word that came to my mind upon gazing my first sight on the Rock cut Caves complexes of Badami .Such was the beauty of the rocks that each piece of rack depicted a story of its own .Situated at an average elevation of 1922 ft above the sea these caves complex are a class apart in itself .Like the cave complexes at Ajanta and Ellora (both in state of Maharastra) its sheer beauty surpass all the humanly creations .It made me wonder, whether these rocks were chiseled into shapes by mere mortal hands or these masterpiece were brought to life by the divine Hands of Gods himself .The Cave complex were huge . Wondered what type of technology would have been used in those days to cut of such magnificent piece of art.

Once the capital city of the prosperous Chalukya Dynasty that ruled over the most parts of peninsular India is now a small but beautiful town in Bagalkot district of Karnataka state. The Badami caves complex was declared UNESCO World heritage site in the year of 1987 .

The Badami Cave complex comprise of 4 cave temples connected to each other by a flight of stairs .All the caves are carved out of sand stone on the precipice of a red sandstone hill. Cave 1 is dedicated to Lord Shiva .Cave 2 is mostly similar to Cave 1 in terms of its layout and dimensions, featuring Hindu subjects of which the relief of Vishnu as Trivikrama is the largest.The eighteen-armed Nataraja striking 81 dance poses can be seen in cave no 1 . The largest and most ornamental is the cave no 3.This cave or temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is the most intricately carved cave in the complex.The various carving on the ceilings the alligators faces on high above the entrance door are unbelievable and intricately made that one can actually see the minute details . Cave no 4 is dedicated to revered figures of Jainism .And the huge lake named as Agastya lake just beside it makes the whole picture so surreal .Below are few of the snaps from the site.


























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