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It’s a peak monsoon time in the Sahyadri ranges of Western India ,super exemplifying the scenic beauty all around. For a normal being like me, the rains and the accompanying cool weather will want you to curl up tight in your beds or lie down on your comfy rocking chair by the porch.Immersing into a favourite novel and occasionally topping mood with a cup of tea is the next best thing to do over your free time.You know, it’s a perfect delusion to be deemed ,as an ideal weekend scenario. But, once the raindrops start playing a symphony on your house’s rooftops and the soothing sound of distant thunderstorm reaches your ears through your backyard window, the latent traveller within you gets activated.And then finding yourself – to the ‘Lure for outdoors’ seems too difficult to resist. While the lazy you, might make some counter-intuitive ways, but eventually the traveller within, will definitely yell up saying “it’s time to soak in the rain”.For it’s always the traveller’s edict, that takes the priority directives.

“If you don’t ride in the monsoon, you simply haven’t seen the rain ! ”

So, why not begin with a bike trip to Lonavala and Khandala hill station. Known for its heavenly natural beauty and it’s close proximity to the twin city of Pune and Mumbai, it’s an ideal weekends getaway.Being just 80 Kms from the famous city of Pune or Mumbai, it’s just an awesomely perfect trip for bikers and casual travellers alike. Only thing you have to do is to – Just start your mean riding machine, braces yourself with rain protecting gears and there, you are now ready to explore the amazing Lonavala and Khandala hill stations in full on rain.Hey, before leaving behind your comfy rocker chair at your sweet home, don’t forget to just plug-in your Sony MDR-XB50AP  earphone and hit the song from your iTunes playlist ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ from the superhit Hindi movie – Ghulam.

Superb roads and the smell of the wet Earth

Misty view ahead

The touchy one’s who feels comfy under the roof can alternatively rent an outstation cab from OLA or UBER, to reach to this awesome place. By bike or otherwise, either way believe me it will definitely be the best trip in this romantic monsoon days. Upon reaching the Lonavala Bus stop and taking a turn approaching the upper ghats leading upwards towards Amby Valley, you will find a range of restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Punjabi or Marathi dhabbas.But no such sight can be seen once you start invading the uphills! So gear up well in advance if you have a big appetite.

While the clouds play hide and seek with you, enjoy the refreshing greenery of the surrounding mountains, rejuvenate under the numerous waterfalls near Bhushi Dam.And finally ante-up the fun quotient of the whole trip by piping endless hot tapri chai and missal or vada pao at the shaded canopy houses.Feel the awesome feeling of reaching the highest point of Lonavala called the Tiger Leap Point .And enjoy the splendid scenic view all around by chilling out with your awesome travel companions.Not to mention, click loads of selfies or groupies with the dense clouds in the backdrop and upload them instantly using the super fast Jio 4G network , on to your respective Instagram and Facebook accounts. Let your lazy friends know ,how much you have enjoyed today 😉

It’s ,the Selfie time


Do let me know your experience in the comment section below.Happy Monsoons !!!


How to Plan for a bike trip to Lonavala:-

Basically, all you need is a bike with a tank full of Petrol , some rain protecting gears and lot of biking enthusiasm.Except this , Nothing Else :p

What is the distance of Lonavala from Pune/Mumbai:

Either way, it takes around 80kms to reach.

Where to stay in Lonavala:

There’s are plenty of options available.As far as lodging is concerned , my personal experience has been great with Hotel Machan where I recently stayed for 2 days .Check out if room reservations are available for your convenient days by clicking  the following link



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